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RESQUNIT – the modern, affordable way to safeguard your valuable pots and traps.

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RESQUNIT Trap Recovery System

RESQUNIT efficiently resolves the challenge of retrieving fishing gear in coastal trap and pot fisheries.

The device is a functional and affordable backup buoy system with a programmable electronic release mechanism to locate and retrieve lost fishing gear.

The system is easy to install and is self-operating. No user interaction required after initial setup.
RESQUNIT installed on a Canadian lobser trap
Buoy Trigger Type
Electronic timer
Release Mechanism
Mechanical lock
Estimated lifespan
3 Years
Working depth (buoy)
50 meters / 164 feet (max)
Timer activation depth
5-6 meters / 17 feet (pressure switch)
Line strength
100 kg / 220 lbs (*)
Net product weight
650 grams / 1,43 lbs
Height, width and depth with ETR installed
27 x 26 x 12.5 cm / 10.5 x 10.5 x 4.9"
Compatible with
Pots/traps - commercial
Pots/traps - recreational
Scientific research equipment
* Heavier gear can be hauled using a thicker line and a grapple. See illustration at the bottom of this page (FAQ)

Electronic release timer is certified for working depth to 900 meters / 3000 feet. System can be re-armed 250 times without replacement parts, battery recharge or replacement.

How it works

Modern configuration

The RESQUNIT mobile App

The Electronic Timer is conveniently configurable with our user-friendly mobile app named RESQUNIT ETR, available for both iPhone and Android users.

Personalized usage

As the device is fully customizable via our mobile app, it has never been easier to make a positive impact on our oceans, and to protect your valuable equipment.

Fishing Gear Protection

High predictability

With RESQUNIT's highly reliable electronic release mechanism, the likelihood of locating the buoy and retrieving your fishing gear is significantly improved.

Mitigating the loss of fishing gear

RESQUNIT offers a solution to prevent the loss of fishing gear, safeguarding both your finances and reducing ghost fishing's detrimental impact on biomass and long-term earnings.

Maintenance free

Set the timer on your RESQUNIT to 5 days if you usually haul your traps every 2-3 days. The device's smart design ensures that the yellow reserve buoy is only released if submerged for the full 5 days. During regular operations, the counter resets upon surfacing.

Different ways of use

Safeguard scientific equipment at sea

RESQUNIT is a cost-effective solution / backup buoy for securing various types of maritime equipment against loss. The buoy will pop up after being submerged for a pre-set time.

Example of use with PODS

RESQUNIT in this case can be used as a failsafe backup solution to the acoustic release, or as the primary release mechanism.

The yellow RESQUNIT buoy features a
robust hauling line capable of efficiently
handling equipment weighing up to 100

Additionally, for heavier gear, the
RESQUNIT can be attached to an auxiliary
cage like in the picture, equipped with a
thicker and stronger coil of line.

This cage is then securely connected to
the equipment being safeguarded

Discover the Benefits of RESQUNIT

"Lost traps are the fisherman's biggest competitor"

Sustainable fishing

By using RESQUNIT, you can play your part in preserving a healthy and sustainable ocean environment, while also protecting your own livelihood. With RESQUNIT , it’s a win-win situation – you get to recover your valuable traps and contribute to the health of the ocean, all at the same time.

Minimize your environmental footprint and maximize your fishing potential with RESQUNIT installed.

    • Avoid losing gear
    • Avoid gear replacement cost
    • Avoid losing your catch
    • Low cost
    • Easy one-timprogramming of timer
    • Supports customized timer configuration
    • Avoid oceanic pollution
    • Avoid ghost fishing
    • Preserve biomass
    • Preserve your livelihood
    • Self-aware / maintenance free
    • Easy installation
    • Show that you take preventive measures


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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Installing RESQUNIT on a wire mesh trap wall or similar is a breeze.

Step 1 – follow the instructions and use the mobile app for setting the timer. This is very intuitive and easy to do – just select value and tap the top of your phone onto the rounded end of the ETR-device.

Step 2 – Employ snippers to create space for the unit on the trap.

Step 3 – Attach the ETR to the frame.

Step 4 – Utilize zip ties to fasten the frame securely to the trap.

Step 5 – Secure the line from the buoy to the trap’s frame

Step 6 – Position the RESQUNIT by inserting the flotation device’s bottom into the frame and firmly snapping the top into place.

The RESQUNIT buoy’s line can haul equipment weighing up to 80-100 kg. For heavier gear the line is used as a guideline for thicker rope and a grapple using a carabiner.

This is a simple yet effective process.

Step 1 – Attach the carabiner connected to the thick line to the thin line of the Resqunit

Step 2 – Allow the grapple to glide down to the equipment on the seafloor. Use the rope to maneuver up and down until it latches onto the trap. Now you can retrieve the gear